Kreative Designs - Color-Recover-Rearrange-Reuse
Kreative Designs - Color-Recover-Rearrange-Reuse

Room Redesign

Do you have a collection or two and some favorite things you really love? Do they make a statement in your home or barely get noticed?


Do you have a room you don’t use because it doesn’t feel inviting or function well?

Is your home telling your guests who you are?


Is your home making you feel at home?


Do you love color but your walls are white? Or the color you thought would work just doesn’t?


You may be ready to redesign your space. Can you do it affordably? Yes!


Redesign is the art of taking what you already have and then color, recover, rearrange & reuse it in a fresh new way!


A redesign consultation will help you achieve the look and feel you have always wanted for your home or office. 


If you prefer to have the redesign completed for you while you take the day off, or if you want to participate by being part of my “redesign team”, I also offer these services.


We are women in a male-dominated industry. Our woman-owned construction supply store needed some extraordinary touches and we called on Kreative Designs to remodel our restrooms. Kristy Thomas was given the task of giving us an industrial design with a feminine touch (but not too feminine). Kristy gave us bold color, metal accessories, and achieved a perfect design for our particular environment. Ladies love everything about them and comments from the men range from "I thought I was in someone's office," to "those are really neat." Kreative Designs knows how to take an idea or a plan and turn it into "your special design." We will use Kristy every time we need that extra special touch either in our homes or in our store.


Merry Bowman, VP Precison Tool & Const. Supply, Inc.

After purchasing my home in 1998 I realized it needed lots of help. The all-white walls had to go and lots of color was needed...IMMEDIATELY... Kristy Thomas and Kreative Designs to the rescue. My home has been transformed into a warm wonderful haven of purple, yellow, orange, lime green, colbalt blue, and many shades of red. Kristy helped me select my new furniture on budget and blend it with lots of my older treasured "stuff." Thank you Kristy for the advice, the hard work, and for making my home comfortable, unique, and fun.


Marla Endicott

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