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Kreative Designs - Color-Recover-Rearrange-Reuse

Real Estate Staging

Why do developers create and stage model homes?


 To show the potential of the property and entice people to buy!

How can you entice buyers?


Improve the look, function and desirability of your home. Buyers need to be able to see themselves moving into and living in the home, so it is important for the seller to let go and de-personalize. When staging real estate I am focused on creating the ìpossibilitiesî for the prospective buyers. 

 Can you accomplish this without spending a lot of money?


 Absolutely! I have many no-cost or low-cost ideas to give your home the edge over other sellers.


Staging has been proven to increase your bottom line, and decrease your selling time when compared to other similar homes in the area that have not been staged.


The problem is that over time, we donít really see the details of our home any more. We become immune to possible problems that buyers may notice right away. This is especially true if you are still occupying the home you want to sell. A vacant home, on the other hand, may need color or color changes, some strategically placed accessories and/or furniture to show off and point out the best qualities. Your home may also need some fresh ideas for curb appeal.

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