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Kreative Designs - Color-Recover-Rearrange-Reuse

Color Consultation

Interior design involves a lot of elements: function, form, color, lighting, texture and placement. As an interior designer I have been trained to make the most of all of these elements in combination with one another, color being one of the most important elements.


We can use color to create warmth and atmosphere. We can make the most out of architectural details and highlight collections and artwork. We can use color to bring energy and life to a room, or, on the other hand, to soothe and calm.

Adding or changing color is the easiest, least expensive way to dramatically change an environment.


Using the right color combinations, with the correct values and hues is a vital key in making your home feel the way you want it to feel. 


A color consultation will eliminate the confusion caused by all the color options available, and concern over consistency throughout your home.


I can help you with the color scheme of one room or your entire home or office. It doesn’t matter whether you have a traditional, country, modern, eclectic, or whimsical design theme - we will find the right colors for you and your lifestyle!

I had an amazing experience with Kreative Designs. My husband and I were growing very tired of our home of 5 years. We had considered moving several times. We thought we would give it one last try to make a change by having Kristy come and change our colors in our home. She came in with such great ideas and many ways that we could change the look of our home without spending a lot of money. After we painted our house the new colors Kristy chose, it felt like we had a brand new home. She saved us from having to move by completely changing the space we are in. Our hearts smile when we come home. It is a warm, comfortable place. Our friends tell us that it feels so different and more open. Thank you Kreative Designs.


D Workizer - Tucson AZ

I called Kristy to help out with finding the right colors for my home, since I was worried about the colors that I liked clashing with each other and making my home look like a three-ring circus. Kristy came through and picked out beautiful shades from the palette of colors that I like that truly complement each other. The end result is a warm, comforting home that I really love living in now. The white walls are gone and my home looks 100% better!


Amy Sharp - Tucson AZ

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